Domegg For Glamping ( Door included )
Domegg For Glamping ( Door included )
Domegg For Glamping ( Door included )
Domegg For Glamping ( Door included )
Domegg For Glamping ( Door included )
Domegg For Glamping ( Door included )
Domegg For Glamping ( Door included )
Domegg For Glamping ( Door included )
Domegg For Glamping ( Door included )
Domegg For Glamping ( Door included )
Domegg For Glamping ( Door included )
Domegg For Glamping ( Door included )
Domegg For Glamping ( Door included )
Domegg For Glamping ( Door included )
Domegg For Glamping ( Door included )

Domegg For Glamping ( Door included )

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Rejuvenation and Retreat in Nature’s Cradle 🌲


Tucked away deep in the forest is the dreamlike possibility encased in canvass — your personal space where you hold the keys to the highest standards of outdoor living. The oval structure represents the birth of new beginnings, natural wonder, and a reminder of life’s greatness. 

👬 Welcome to your private Domeegg. 

The Domegg offers the perfect retreat for busy individuals who seek to revitalize under the watchful eye of Mother Nature. You’ll be in for a glamping experience unlike any other, shielded from the elements by a durable membrane, within an elliptical structure that makes interior design fun and easy. 

Regardless of whether you wish to take a sabbatical in your backyard, build a top-notch glamping business, or commune with nature in the depths of the forest, the quality Domeegg provides a one-stop living space that supports style, comfort, and luxury within a precious personal “zen space.” 

We have designed the patent-pending dome specifically for pleasurable outdoor living with peace of mind. ( Patent No: ZL201730117130.8 ) Optional ventilation holes and transparent windows provide excellent air quality and an unobstructed view of nature’s breathtaking sights.  

⭐️ Unique Design Features to spruce up your outdoor escapade:

  • Available in three attractive color options of silver, beige, and sand, complementing surroundings and transforms nature into your personal playground. 
  • Versatile door positioning (front, left, or center) for easy access
  • Highly durable canvas made with thick polyester fabric keeps occupants safe from harsh weather, fire hazards, and invasive molds. 
  • Various accessories are available to exceed your glamping expectations. 
  • Standard home remodeling installations are compatible with the Domeegg’s deck and flooring dimensions. You may set up and reimagine your designs with minimal fuss. 

Compartmentalize to your heart’s desire - with several hidden nooks and optimized spaces. You may position your bathtubs, beds, desks, and bookshelves in designated areas and still enjoy spacious breathing room for maximum comfort. 

Domegg fit snugly into any rectangular area in your backyard or the great outdoors. You don’t have to worry about the irregularity of spaces. The tent’s sturdy material lasts for over a decade, offering shelter and relaxation across all seasons. Glampers may conveniently opt-in for a thermal insulation add-on to provide extra protection from the frostier months.  

At Landscamper, we invite you to take glamping beyond your wildest imaginations.


❤️ You, your guests, and or customers will love it!

Our domegg deliver the ultimate glamping experience. Guests will rave about how luxurious, cozy and secure they feel. The strong, spacious dome comes with tremendous design flexibility. Decorate with the needs of either couples or families in mind.

Customer reviews: "The dome is marvelous if you're looking for a spectacular and luxurious time in nature with no expectations." Anna S.
"Falling asleep to rain pattering on the dome was a thing of magic!" Carley S.
"The dome is as picturesque in person as it is in the pictures." Kevin L.
"A beautiful sunset let us forget daily life and impressive night sky views over the futuristic-looking dome created a feeling of being on another planet!" Nikolin O.
"We loved every minute of the dome.” Michael S.

You’ll find such glamping dome accommodations already offered at other successful venues. For example, WildTender Ranch & Rescue is the winner of Hipcamp’s 1st Place CA (Best of 2019) Campsite. This outfit is a horse rescue and nature sanctuary, that found sustainability through offering a retreat to guests, in these amazing glamping domes. They love them so much they have become our first West Coast reseller: "We struggled for years to get by, and then we found Landscamper Domes. They offered the kind of space, price, and most of all durability we need living on the coastal point where winds sometimes can hit high 90mph, and where it is often damp year-round. With our domes, we found not a single issue! And we have tried everything; Teepee's, Bell-tents, RV's etc, etc.. All those other expensive and labor-intensive efforts either got moldy within months, were literally blown away during storms, or were too cost-prohibitive to build as permanent structures. There is literally "No Place Like Dome" - what we named one of our most popular camps using this model. This camp is often booked SIX MONTH"S in advance. We have had such a great experience with these domes and would love to help you realize the same.


📐 Product details

The basic Domeegg package includes the frame, canvas zipper door and membrane. View product sheet1  product sheet2

Different sizes available from HET 7✖️ 4.8 to HET 8✖️ 6.
Made of stainless steel (Q235/21mm - 33mm). Rustproof and wind-resistant.
Colors: silver, beige, sand.
Transparent area and door position: center, left and right
Transparent circular window: 4-8, depends on the dome size
Ventilation: 2-6, depends on the dome size
Lifespan exceeds 20 years

 Door $925 ( included )
Made from an extruded aluminum alloy (6061/T6).
Anodized finish
The heavy-duty door is windproof and rustproof
Measures 3.93-ft x 6.56-ft (1.2 x 2.0-m)
Lifespan exceeds 20 years

 Membrane Canvass
Made from strong polyester fabric ((850g/sqm) that’s PVC-coated on both sides
Fire-retardant, waterproof, UV-resistant, mold-proof and self-cleaning
Service life of 10 years or more

👍 Helpful Accessories 
 Thermal insulation layer - A cozy and pleasing layer to keep the dome warm in cold weather
 Dome curtains with top & middle tracks - For best privacy and to keep cool in hot weather
 Solar-powered exhaust fan - A must have for moist/hot areas
Pushing window with mesh - Consider it if you want to set up a bathtub in the dome
 PVC transparent hole for lighting - Recommend having 2-6 for the best lighting and good looking 
 Ventilation hole with mesh and cap - More air circulation while keeping bugs and flies away

View all add-ons  You can also add them directly from this page in the Add-on box above.

💡 What About the Deck and Floor?
It is easy to pick up materials for the deck and floor at a home improvement store like Lowe’s or Home Depot.

💪 How to build the dome
Possible to build the basic dome in two days with two people - at least one of these people needs building know-how and tools. Basic instructions come with the dome. Additional time needed for deck and flooring options.

📦 Shipping
We place orders typically once a month, in the first week. Usually, it can be delivered anywhere in the US within 8 weeks.


❗️ You need to do the decking and flooring yourself.