🍃Our motto is "Living in the landscape"

🌳Crystal Dome is specifically designed for doing homely activities in your garden, yoga, meditation, dining, drinking, listening to music, jacuzzi....you name it. Enable you to immerse into the green plants and fresh air of your backyard while avoiding coldness, winds, bugs or rains.

350cm Round: Height 265 cm Dimension 103 Square feet (9.6㎡)
450cm Round: Height 275 cm Dimension 172 Square feet (16㎡)
350 x 500cm Oval: Height 265 cm Dimension 161 Square feet (15㎡)
450 x 600cm Oval: Height 275 cm Dimension 248 Square feet (23㎡)

5 years limited warranty.
Life Span: More than 15 years

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